no more political attack ads

An election hasn’t even been called, but The Harper Government has been running ads nonstop, trying to discredit any alternatives to The Conservative Party of Canada. The attack ads have to stop. I [just signed the petition by the Green Party]( to try to reign in this madness.

For the likely 2011 federal election, I refuse to vote for *any* party that runs attack ads. Stand *for* something, not against.

5 thoughts on “no more political attack ads”

  1. I absolutely hated the barrage of attack ads that surrounded some election before I was last living in Canada (sometime in 2008 or 2009?). It was often very hard to work out (without hearing the “authorized by blah blah of blah blah” at the end) who the ad was even supporting.

    So I fully support your stance. I only wish I had a voting voice (not that I’m in any way entitled to one) so I could join you.

  2. Propaganda to fight propaganda is not the way, dear citizen. A better idea is to make ridiculous videos about politicians doing ridiculous things a la the onion and turn the whole thing into a comedy. Upload to YouTube. Distribute to friends. Make it viral; make the tyrants into the joke that they are.

    For instance, Mr. H loves lollipops. Do you really want to vote for a man that loves lollipops? Do you want Mr. H to lick you lollipop? Tell Mr. H you would not like your lollipops licked. Vote anti-C!

    1. that’s ridiculous. If I don’t want my system of democratic elections to devolve into a mudslinging shitshow, I should say so, without subterfuge and lollipops.

      1. I don’t know, if you analyze, or “over analyze”, the situation just seems like a big, giant mess. Functionally, it’s not particularly a democracy with the interests of the few with power getting represented most of the time.

        Certain principles are usually maintained against the masses (such as the idea of generally leaving them alone), and now and then a minority is singled out (whether political, ethnic or whatever) and becomes a target group to justify policies that they want; and certain policies are enacted against them to “control” them. This system seems to work a certain way and there seems to be little room in changing that.

        When mass propaganda is applied it’s just political theatre and Canadian politics seems to be more and more of that. So rather than keep playing around and pretending like the rhetoric is reality; why not make it a show?

        That way it makes it easier to digest than to bother taking it seriously and driving yourself crazy in the process? I find that a much more interesting idea than setting out to change the world ™.

  3. Watching these ads disgust me. You can’t tell who is representing what because they are just bashing each other and where is the logic in that! I mean as a Canadian I want to know WHY I should vote for this party or that party not just who has dirty laundry. The party I do end up voting for (hopefully) will not be soely interested in their seats but BELIEVE in creating a better Canada. If I went into a job interview and just criticized the people who they employed, does that automatically make me the better hire?

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