Looking for digital whiteboard software

We’re setting up a bunch1 of “collaboration carts” in the new building. They’ll be used to do a bunch of things (videoconferencing, wireless collaborative displays via Mersive Solstice Pod, Google Docs, Office 365) – when someone plugs one into a floor box, it fires up and asks them what they want it to be. One of the things we want it to be able to become is a digital whiteboard – as much as people love digital stuff, they really love whiteboards.

So. I’ve been trying to find a really great whiteboard app – the embedded PC runs Windows 8, so I’m looking for a Windows application (or a web app if we can make it do what we need). It needs to be super-easy to start a session, and it needs to be super-easy for people to save the whiteboard images (bonus points for emailing the images to someone automatically at the end of a session).

I’ve been gathering links to candidate software using my Old Timey Antisocial Bookmarking platform. Any recommendations?

Update: It turns out the 50″ Panasonic TH-50lfb70u displays have whiteboard functionality baked into the hardware. We will be looking at that ASAP – they’re still being installed, so we can’t actually try them for another week…


  1. 37 is a bunch []

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  1. D’arcy if it has to be a Windows app then I would look at One Note. A great tool for note capture and more. Another option would be to run the psr.exe utility built into windows to capture the entire session and export it by script later on….

    1. I was thinking of onenote – I basically live in it. I’m looking into how it might work on a shared device – not tied to a Microsoft account. Might be a bit of a management mess – notebooks/sections/pages being created and needing to be cleaned out every now and then. But the digital ink is fantastic, and support for mixed media is great.

    1. Awesome. Thanks! Ken Bauer suggested Limnu as well – looks perfect. I’ve contacted them to see what licensing/management might look like for a fleet of 37 collaboration appliance things. Boardthing looks interesting, too! 🙂

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