I rode out to Cochrane again today to take on The Hill™ – it almost won this time.

This is the lumber mill on the east end of Cochrane. Little Known Fact About D’Arcy #231: I briefly worked for one of the housing construction companies that built some of the giant houses along the river – the same company that built our own much-less-giant house.

Ride to Conquer Cancer Route

ridetoconquercancerrouteThey just (vaguely) announced the route for this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer event. Looks like we’ll be leaving from the south end of Calgary (I’m guessing the parking lot at Spruce Meadows, but I could be wrong), heading briefly west then south along the Cowboy Trail on highway 22. The overnight camp is at Bar U Ranch near Longview. On day 2, we go another 100km (or so) south – finishing the ride at the Sierra West Ranch near Pincher Creek.

This part of the country is famous for the flat topology and calm wind conditions. You may have seen it in such films as Unforgiven, Brokeback Mountain, and Open Range. Hrm. Now I’m not so sure what to expect at the tent city.

Wait. What? It’s the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and consistently insanely windy? That’s where they build the wind-electric farms? I’m exhausted just looking at this route.