trade winds

2009-07-25 trade winds

My folks needed this vintage 1962 Williams Trade Winds pinball machine moved out of their basement (they got it in 1979 from my uncle who ran an arcade supply company in Edmonton, and I spent many hours playing on it as a kid).

It went straight into ours. The Boy™ is fascinated with it – and I am blown away by the analog electronic design of the thing. It’s a work of art, inside and out.


I carved off a small portion of the basement to serve as a dedicated home office area – the “real” home office was converted into guest bedroom / storage. I took over an old bookcase that was storing useless old crap books, moved it into my Les Nessman inspired office, and started setting up shop. Eventually, a desk, comfy chair, table, light, beer fridge, drywall, iMac, etc… will fit in. And the pool table is nice and handy…