vintage Calgary, 1976-1981

I did some googling1 on Michael Betzler, who was the director on the previous skateboarding documentary. Looks like he now is/was director at the olympic media consortium. Before that, he was involved in this bit of awesomeness.

I would have been the same age as my son is now, when this footage was shot. Wow. My dad had his insurance agency in the Lougheed Building downtown, so I would have been down there pretty regularly. Amazing, how much the city has changed in just a handful of decades…

  1. DuckDuckGoing? that’s not a thing yet, is it? []

2013 Tour of Alberta

Evan and I headed downtown for the finish of Stage 5 of the Tour of Alberta (along with several thousand others). What an amazing event, and a fantastic finish. Hopefully this isn’t just a one-off – it would be incredible to see it come back next year, with some mountain stages (the 1 mountain stage that had been planned was rerouted because of the June flooding in Alberta – hopefully next year’s route would include a stage over Highwood Pass and maybe through the Rockies).


I took a boatload of photos, and we had a blast. Now Evan wants a new bike…