earth day sucks – piece on The National

I was interviewed yesterday by Reg Sherren for a piece that aired on CBC’s The National on Earth Day 2010. It didn’t turn out as bad as I feared, but he had me read the blog post he found, and the result sounded a bit stiff and scripted. Still, I think it worked out OK. The bit starring your humble and unqualified blogger starts about 2 minutes into the clip:


I was interviewed by Reg Sherren for the CBC National News. He called me about a blog post I wrote in 2008 on my dislike of Earth Day, and we talked about some of the issues (greenwashing, real sustainable change, how a one day event may be short circuiting real change, etc…)

Then he had me read the first part of the post. I hope that’s not the only segment of the interview they use – ranting blogger rants! Film at 11!