dude, I got a dell

2011 04 21 dude I got a dell

My trusty old Mac Pro finally gave up the ghost, and IT replaced it with a Dell Latitude e6410 laptop.

I’m going to be spending some time getting familiar with Windows 7. The thing came with a 24″ LCD, and a docking station that had two DVI ports, so I slapped in a 20″ Cinema Display as well. Not sure how well a laptop will be able to drive 44″ of display, but I’ll find out soon…

I dropped Safari and iTunes onto it quickly, and set it up to sync with MobileMe, iDisk, DropBox, Evernote, etc… so my stuff was there pretty quickly.


I was interviewed by Reg Sherren for the CBC National News. He called me about a blog post I wrote in 2008 on my dislike of Earth Day, and we talked about some of the issues (greenwashing, real sustainable change, how a one day event may be short circuiting real change, etc…)

Then he had me read the first part of the post. I hope that’s not the only segment of the interview they use – ranting blogger rants! Film at 11!


I’m working on a paper for an edtech course – drafts and ideas in my moleskine notebook, with text flowing together in OmmWriter.

I set a timer for random(300) minutes. It picked 43, so the @dailyshoot randometime project photo wound up during my paper-writing window this morning. Exciting stuff.

Set an alarm for a random time today. Any time. When it goes off, pick up your camera and find a photo near where you are.
Get out there, take a photograph, upload it, and tweet a link to @dailyshoot with the hashtag: #ds127



Me, presenting the “Identity in the Open Classroom” session for the From Courses to Dis/course: Exploring the Future of Courses online conference. I picked a topic that I’ve been thinking about, but hadn’t done much with, so it gave me a chance to pour through research and writing on the subject and put together a presentation. I think it went OK, and there was great discussion.

learning communities

I spammed over 2200 faculty members with an invitation to vote on topics of interest for formation of Learning Communities, and used the opportunity to sneak in the first public mention of UCalgaryBlogs.ca. There’s no turning back now. Full steam ahead!

The votes have already started to roll in on the poll, and soon we’ll have a pretty good idea of where to take the project. w00t!