2011-01-12 - crowfoot.jpg

crossing crowchild trail, before heading down to the train platform. I am so ready for the roads to clear just a little bit more, so I can get back on the bike…

I was going to delete the photo, but decided the grain and blur captured my morning mood better than a sharp and saturated frame from my DSLR would have. ugh.

no loitering

2010-11-23 - no loitering.jpg

There was a vehicle broken down on the tracks downtown, so the trains weren’t moving in the northwest. After waiting outside the station for over 10 minutes, I finally squeezed inside, as people gave up and went home.

It was -33˚C outside, and people were pretty cold. The heat inside the station escaped through the open doors, as people desperately tried to get inside to warm up.

last train

I’m hoping to get my bike back from the shop today, so this should be the last morning train of the year. hopefully.

I threw the 10-20mm überwideangle lens this morning, with the circular polarizing filter, and shot in manual mode.

2010/03/02: Find out what those buttons and dials on your camera do. Play today! Try a new setting and make a photo. (via @dibytes) #ds107