UofC Kickoff 2012

Today was the home opener for the UCalgary Dinos men’s football team. They slaughtered the UofA Golden Bears1 . But, lots of campus pride on display. We got to the stadium too late – all of the Kickoff 2012 t-shirts were gone already. The Boy™ was disappointed, but he got over it quickly enough…

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  1. 65-6. seriously. I lost track of the stats, but it was something like 600 yards for Dinos, and 50 for Bears. I know. Wow. []

UofC Kickoff 2009

Today was the annual Kickoff event – the home opener for the U of C Dinos football team, combined with a party welcoming students to campus for another year. This year, the whole family went to the game, and we had a blast. Also, this year was different because it was the first time in a long, long time that I was able to score the free tickets offered to students…

We had to leave at half time, because it was just too much sun for The Boy™ to endure, but the first half of the game was a great one. When we left, the Dinos were ahead 10-8 over the Golden Bears. Sounds like the second half was exciting, too, with the Dinos holding onto the slim lead to win the game. Whew.

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UCalgary Dinos vs. UAlberta Golden Bears Kickoff ’08

The Boy™ and I went to the Kickoff ’08 game, and had a total blast. Lots of fun, and the Dinos won (but we missed the action of the fourth quarter – had to leave a little early with a worn out 5 year old 🙂 )

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