I just removed my Cateye bike computer – first time in maybe 30 years that I haven’t had some form of dedicated magnet-sensing bike computer mounted on my bike. Now, it’s iPhone + Cyclemeter + Wahoo RFLKT. Seems a little excessive, but I’d been tracking rides using Cyclemeter anyway, so the dedicated RFLKT screen means I don’t have 2 gadgets tracking the rides…

blurred motion (retake)

2010-05-18 - blurred motion (retake).jpg

still not quite the shot I have in my head. I think I’ll need some kind of stabilizing gear to really get that one, but the motion blur is getting closer…

2010/05/18: Self-assessment is vital to artistic growth. Look thru the photos you’ve posted so far. Remake one you’d like to improve. #ds184