My iDVD is borked

I’ve got a fully updated copy of iDVD on my MacBook Pro that refuses to cooperate. I can create a project, save it, and burn it to DVD. But, if I decide I want to quit iDVD, it borks the next time I launch it. It gets past “loading themes” and then just hangs. I can nuke my prefs, and get the “new project” dialog, but if I create a project, I get the same thing if I quit. Which makes editing an iDVD project a bit, well, problematic. I currently have to recreate the project from scratch every time I want to make a modification. Which makes the process a bit more tedious than it needs to be.

I’ve done searching on the Apple Support site. I’ve tried Googling. I’ve poked through manuals and documentation. No joy. Here’s all I get when I launch my incredibly awesome, soon-to-be-Oscar™-winning iDVD project:

iDVD borkage

The strange thing, if I click “Close”, it pauses for a few seconds, the “Unexpected Quit” dialog disappears, and the shell of the iDVD app remains. I can select menu items, and click on interface buttons (but they don’t do anything). I have to then Quit (or Force-Quit) the app to make it really go away.

Nothing in the crash log jumps out at me. I’ve uninstalled all of my InputManagers, all of the extra QuickTime codecs, anything I can think of that’s non-stock-MacOSX. No luck yet. Very frustrating.