just slapped on a fancy new 45nrth xerces tire on the rear wheel of my trusty kona dew fs winter bike, to replace my now-janky schwalbe snow stud. the new one is thinner – 700x30c rather than the 38c I had been using in the winter. and 140 aluminum carbide studs. should be fun on the icy morning rides, while still being fun on the melty afternoon rides home 🙂

IMG 9425

kona ICU

I had to take the bike into Bow Cycle for some work. I blew out the bottom bracket, and the chain was stretched and needed replacing. it likely needs another casette (after replacing it in February). and new disk brake pads. Still, it’s way cheaper than driving, or a gym membership. After over 15,000km on the bike, a little maintenance should keep it on the road for a few more…


2010-07-21 cranky.jpg

the bottom bracket on my bike wore out – not sure what’s happened exactly. the bottom bracket is definitely loose, with noticeable (and scary) wobbling and popping now, making it rather unsafe to ride. maybe worn bearings? something else? I’ll take it into Bow Cycle ASAP for repairs, meaning I’m bikeless for awhile. #cranky.

blurred motion (retake)

2010-05-18 - blurred motion (retake).jpg

still not quite the shot I have in my head. I think I’ll need some kind of stabilizing gear to really get that one, but the motion blur is getting closer…

2010/05/18: Self-assessment is vital to artistic growth. Look thru the photos you’ve posted so far. Remake one you’d like to improve. #ds184