2010-10-13 deadlight.jpg

I picked up a BLT Firewire 4.0 headlight for my bike in January 2009 (and has had maybe 6 months of use in that time). It came with some pretty crappy mounting hardware (a velcro strap to attach the light? really?) but that was easily fixed with some hardware from the bike shop. The velcro straps holding the battery case to the bike frame broke long ago. That was easily fixed with a length of spare inner tube and a couple of zip ties. But now the wire connecting the LED light to the battery has worked loose, so it doesn’t work at all. No amount of zip ties will fix that. The light is dead. I’ll never buy a BLT light again. $150 down the drain.

finder of light

my old handheld General Electric Exposure Meter Type PR-1, circa 1951. It still works perfectly, although it doesn’t do well in very low light situations.

It’s really just a slide ruler built around a light meter. You can set different ASA values (or frames per second if shooting (video) film)), then look up corresponding values for aperture and shutter speed to set the camera for proper exposure. It often does a better job of picking exposure combinations than the exposure meter built into my 60-year-newer Canon XT.

2009/12/29: The contrast between an object and its shadow can make for an interesting photo. Explore the “dark side” of shadows today. #ds44