2009-12-02 - contrast

harsh metal security gate, behind a neon green support pillar, contrasted with the fluid motion of students passing through.

this is a long(ish) exposure shot in the main hallway of the Sciences complex on campus.

2009/12/02: Let’s play around with contrast today, to help train the eye for it. Make a photo that has contrasting colors. #ds17


2009-11-24 - 5000km

I passed the 5000km mark for distance ridden since Jan 1, 2009 this morning as I rode through Scenic Acres before sunrise.

it was tricky to get this shot – a 30s long exposure – without a tripod. I used the rear rack of my bike, with a glove propping the camera into roughly estimated position. It’s hard to aim a 50mm lens accurately by guessing (I couldn’t see through the viewfinder because the saddle was in the way…)