San Francisco after the fire

After [being mesmerized by the film shot from a streetcar along Market Street]( in San Francisco before The Big One, here’s some footage shot shortly after the earthquake and fire that devastated the city. Via [Jason Kottke](, who Viad [devour](

slow, organized chaos

I could watch this video all day. The fluid, organic flow of people and machines [through the streets of San Francisco in 1905]( – before the big fire. There’s something mesmerizing about the way everyone is able to move together. No ring roads. No interchanges. No streetlights. No bike lanes. Just a fluid, organic flow of humanity. I lost count of near-miss collisions, though…

**Update:** Looks like the video got yanked from YouTube due to copyright issues on the audio. Awesome. So, here’s the version direct from the Prelinger Archives: