bow cycle is not a small place

Bow cycle is not a small place

so many awesome things in this store… dropped my normally-trusty Kona off for a little more love from the shop. hopefully this’ll be all it needs for awhile. touch wood… also, while wheeling it in, it struck me just how much more fracking HEAVY my bike is, compared to the sweet, sweet Cannondale CAAD8 I’ve been borrowing…


2011 05 07 bikebike

I took my bike into BikeBike Calgary, a new bike shop in the city. They specialize in utility and every day bicycles, and have some really great stuff in stock. They guys in the shop are super friendly, and I love how they were making the whole bike thing less scary for their customers. A totally different vibe than what I see in my usual bike shop. I like it.


we had to make a trip to the local hardware store. which happens to be a giant mega-chain big box store. I’d support the local guys, if there were any.

2010/01/03: Sunday challenge! Pick a focal length, any focal length, and stick with it the entire day. Post your best shot. (@rlepage) #ds49

(I slapped on the 10-20mm ultrawide angle lens for the day, stuck at 10mm)