photography as digital storytelling – resources for #ds106

I [put some links together]( to serve as conversation fodder for the #ds106 session on Photography, coming up on February 1.

Given that I’m not really a photographer (I just play one on the internet) it’s hopefully going to be more of a class discussion about photography and philosophy, rather than an hour of me blabbing over Skype about stuff…


5 Card Photo Stories

Alan’s working up a 5 Card Flickr Story project to show at Northern Voice, and it’s a really fun little application to explore simple visual storytelling. Any photo on Flickr tagged with 5cardnv is sucked into a pool, where 5 photos are chosen at random and presented as a mini story. You can “keep” any of them, or roll the dice for a fresh batch, until you’re happy with the frames of the story.

Nancy White’s been playing, and saved a screenshot of the output of her mini story. Which she then uploaded to Flickr, and tagged as “5cardnv”. Where it is then placed into the pool of photos for random selection for new stories. Recursion in visual storytelling. Gotta love it.


I’d upload my 5-card-story containing the recursion to Flickr and tag it as 5cardnv, but I’m afraid something would implode due to excessive recursion.