fresh white

2010-12-16 fresh white.jpg

a surprise snowfall overnight and through the day. it was supposed to miss the city, but wound up catching us after all. unfortunately for me, this means the bike will be parked in the garage for the rest of the week, and then I’m on vacation until after new year’s, so I’m likely done riding for the year…

sidewalk snowscape

hopefully this crap starts to melt soon. -25˚šC this morning, but heading up over the freezing mark on the weekend…

I prefer this version, with the uncorrected nasty sodium light, rather than the corrected pure white version.

2010/01/07: It’s winter time here in the northern hemisphere. Make a photo with snow, frost, or ice as the theme today. (@remilongva) #ds53


2009-11-24 - 5000km

I passed the 5000km mark for distance ridden since Jan 1, 2009 this morning as I rode through Scenic Acres before sunrise.

it was tricky to get this shot – a 30s long exposure – without a tripod. I used the rear rack of my bike, with a glove propping the camera into roughly estimated position. It’s hard to aim a 50mm lens accurately by guessing (I couldn’t see through the viewfinder because the saddle was in the way…)