just slapped on a fancy new 45nrth xerces tire on the rear wheel of my trusty kona dew fs winter bike, to replace my now-janky schwalbe snow stud. the new one is thinner – 700x30c rather than the 38c I had been using in the winter. and 140 aluminum carbide studs. should be fun on the icy morning rides, while still being fun on the melty afternoon rides home 🙂

IMG 9425


2010-08-03 retired.jpg

The rear tire finally wore out, after more than 12,000km of use. The centre was worn to a paper-thin sheaf of rubber, exposing the threads in several spots. Time to replace it with a new one.

Both tires are Specialized Armadillo Crossroads 700x38c. Armadillos have kevlar threads, making them extremely puncture resistant.

The tire on the left is a 2.5 year old, well worn. The one on the right is brand new.


2009-10-28 clix

the road blurs past me on the ride home today – only the bike in sharp focus – everything else dampened, lost in thought.

I’d wanted to try a shot like this since getting the 10-20mm lens. I wrapped the camera strap tightly around my left hand, and pumped of a whole bunch of shots while leaning down as I rode. I was going about 25km/h when I shot this.