2010-12-29 priority.jpg

Evan and I headed downtown to take in the exhibits at the Calgary Science Centre (I still can’t call it the Telus World of Science). The exhibits were a bit static, with nothing for kids to actually _do_, aside from a couple of touch screen demos. We had some really good discussions about Darwin and Einstein, but I don’t think he really got anything out of the exhibits because they were all look and no real touch.

then we took a cold train/bus ride home. this whole no-driving thing is getting kind of stale.


2009-10-09 - transitary

I took the bus and train this morning, chickening out of riding the icy paths – I’ll ride again on Tuesday (yay, long weekends!).

This was the first time I’ve taken the train from the new Crowfoot station. The whole trip, from the minute I stepped onto the bus near my house, to the minute I stepped off the train on campus, took less than half an hour.

Of course, I can ride it in exactly the same time…