how I upgrade WordPress

I mentioned this morning on Twitter that it took me maybe 30 seconds to upgrade my blog to the latest WordPress release. I thought it might be handy to show how I do it. I’m not sure if this follows best practices, and it might be a good idea to back stuff up before upgrading, but this process has served me well for the last several versions, and it’s just so quick and painless that upgrading is trivial.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Seems to have worked, so far. The “Similar Posts” plugin borked, so I had to disable that. Everything else Just Seems To Work™.

So, what’s the difference between Categories and Tags now? I used to use Categories as tags. Are they both interfaces to the same table in the database? One way to find out…

Update: oh. they’re separate things. well, that’s silly. so, now all of my old /tag/tagname links that used to point to category pages now point to empty “tag” pages because none of my posts have actual tags. That’ll be fun to clean up…

Update 2: wasn’t so bad. just went into the permalink settings and had “tags” point to /tags and left my “categories” pointing at /tag. Not exactly what they had in mind, but whatever.