w.o. mitchell

a different kind of memorial – my son attends an elementary school named after one of Canada’s most cherished authors – W.O. Mitchell. There’s a photo of Mitchell in the school, and it looks like he actually was able to visit the school before his death in 1998. It’s pretty cool to wander the halls and see photos, plaques, and other things tying the students to Mitchell and to writing and creativity in general. A fantastic legacy to have left.

I was at the school this evening for a School Council Meeting, and was early so had the chance to wander around a bit before the meeting. It’s a really incredible school, and the staff and administration are amazing. It’s a vibrant little community of active learners.

More info on W.O. Mitchell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W.O._Mitchell

2010/05/31: It’s Memorial Day in the U.S. Make a photo that symbolizes today and what it means to you. #ds197