shiny casette

I took the bike apart to give it a good scrub this afternoon, to make sure the last of the winter grit is gone so it doesn’t wear components down prematurely. Winter grit is evil to bikes. Evil.

2010/04/17: Break a rule today! Centered composition is generally considered boring and taboo, but can be interesting. Try it! #ds153

stopping power

they don’t work QUITE as well at -20˚C, nor with a nice layer of greasy road grime coating the rotor…

it’s a bit blurry because it was fracking freezing, and I was trying to take the photo before my hand froze with the glove off.

2010/01/27: Take something common–an object, building, or landscape–and compose an abstract composition with it. #ds73


2009-10-28 clix

the road blurs past me on the ride home today – only the bike in sharp focus – everything else dampened, lost in thought.

I’d wanted to try a shot like this since getting the 10-20mm lens. I wrapped the camera strap tightly around my left hand, and pumped of a whole bunch of shots while leaning down as I rode. I was going about 25km/h when I shot this.