an old micro ampmeter I rescued from the garbage. I’m not sure why – there’s something awesome about the wooden box, the clasp, the old knobs and dials. It’s apparently from 1966, and has been well used, but looks like it would work if given a little love.

2010/03/18: Find something that’s so old it’s almost timeless and make a photograph of it. #ds123

remembering christopher

I never knew Christopher John Gabriel Pfoh, but his family and friends miss him. They donated a memorial bench along the Bowmont pathway, and this week marks the second anniversary of his passing.

I often stop at this bench to rest briefly – it’s the first bench after I get to the Bowmont pathway. I never stop for long, but have often wondered about Christopher.

Christopher John Gabriel Pfoh
March 21, 1989 – July 20, 2006
“Yo, don’t worry about it, just come and sit.”
“I’m not gone, my journey’s just begun.”
Love you Sweetheart, Love you Brother Chrissy.
Lovingly donated by Family & Friends