PMachineFree: MySQL/PHP Blog Server

I've been trying out a bunch of weblog software packages, because they seem to handle themed interfaces pretty well. I'm trying to get a better grasp on what I can do with the theming engine for CAREO.

Anyway, I came across PMachineFree. It has a whole article in the dead-trees version of MacAddict. My dad thought I'd be interested, so he kept it for me. The article walks through installation and configuration, and it was rather painless. Can't see a total newbie doing it, but they probably wouldn't be doing a blog (by the way, Blosxom CAN be installed/configured out of the box by total newbies).

Theme support looks pretty good. I'll be poking around to see what it does over the next couple of days. If I like it, I'll probably migrate my blog from Blosxom (which I really REALLY like) to PMachineFree, which has all of the extra bells/whistles that Blosxom currently lacks.

Actually, I think I'll keep using Blosxom, but I should rip off (er, borrow...) the template editing screens from PMachine and graft them into CAREO. It's actually got a decent template/theme management interface.

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