SciQ Interface

Spent the day converting the static photoshop files from IdeaMachine into actual working HTML and JPEG files. ImageReady is worth its weight in gold for this... Set up some guides, slices etc., clean them up, and cest fini.

I'm working with the ImageReady-generated html, massaging it for use as a theme in CAREO (specifically for PageTemplate, but there are quite a few lesser components which will be used - Sidebar, BreadCrumbsCAREO, SearchBar...)

It's been a fun exercise in implementation of design, since there are always (ALWAYS) things that the designers neglect to think about when designing an interface that's actually going to be implemented outside of photoshop (you know, like a web page, or anything else). The IdeaMachine guys were actually pretty good (waaay better than most), so there have been very few oversights. Whew...

Check out the in-progress html conversion here.

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