NetNewsWire (not lite)

Trying out NetNewsWire Pro as a weblog managing app. I use NNWLite as my aggregator, but thought it would be cool to combine the tools. I currently use KungLog as my weblog manager (post editor, etc...)

If you can read this, then NNWPro has been able to publish an entry to my weblog...

One thing I just noticed: There's no apparent place for TrackBack URLs... How do I trackback other weblog posts? Is that handled transparently by MovableType?

UPDATE: The Weblog Editor in NNWPro is actually quite nice. At first, I was missing some of the niceties from KungLog, but once you get used to the difference, it's not bad at all... Now, if only they had an educational license price for NNWPro...

UPDATE 2: It appears to do trackback automatically. Don't know it that's "for free" from the MT server, or if NNW is doing the work itself. Same result.

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