CAREO Installer Update

It’s coming along nicely… I now have an installer that copies over the WebObjects application and supporting resources, creates the FrontBase database and populates it, and almost creates the MySQL metadata repository database… I have the MySQL stuff working as shell scripts, but it doesn’t want to play nicely when embedded in the installer.

After I wrestle the MySQL script into submission, I get to turn my gaze onto the WebObjects application configuration - ideally it should set up the app, start it, and have it automatically restart if the box is kicked over.

UPDATE: I just got the MySQL population part working… Silly mistake. I wasn’t including the complete path to the mysql command. It’s entered on my in my .cshrc file so it worked fine there, but barfed in installer (which ran in another shell without my .cshrc to guide it). Note to self: CHECK THE LOG FOR THE INSTALLER BEFORE RUNNING OFF ON WILD GOOSE CHASES!


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