Learning Commons Server now updated

Almost done updating the Learning Commons webserver to MacOSX 10.3 Server. Process went ok. Not as smoothly as I'd hoped, but better than I'd feared. The installer wouldn't let me do an "Archive and Install" so all I had to choose from was "Erase and Install" and "Update" - 2 options I never use when installing MacOSX. I chose "Update".

It kept all settings, accounts, etc... and the whole process was pretty painless.

Dealing with MySQL was a different story. I took Alan's advice and installed the standard MySQL distro rather than using the built-in MySQL. It's working ok, but I had fun getting our data in. We were previously using MySQL 3.23.something, and the import barfed on the mysql table - different number of columns needed in 4.0.17... I added them into the SQL dump by hand. Ick.

And, some apps just plain aren't able to connect to MySQL on the commons server for some mysterious reason. Doh.

All other webstuff seems in order - PHP, Perl, etc... are Just Working.

Still working through some weirdnesses, but it's basically there. Some of the apps on the server aren't working yet, but as soon as the MySQL stuff gets resolved, we're good to go.

We're planning on picking up a couple of shiny new XServe G5s and an XServe RAID, so this is going to be a kick-ass server farm. Planning on moving our apps onto one server, streaming media to another, and CAREO to a third, with metric assloads of storage available for all via the XServe RAID...

Really loving the integrated admin app...

Panther Server Admin

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