Creation vs. Consumption

An image is worth a thousand words. This is the single reason why Garage Band is so cool:

Garage Band track in iTunes

Garage Band isn't great because of new technology, or ease of use, or interface design (perhaps in spite of wood grain...). It's great because it gives me a chance/reason to break of the rut of being just a consumer of music. I can dabble on the creative side, even though I couldn't play in instrument to save my life.

It's not exactly art, but that's my first piece of music that I could actually put my name on. In iTunes.

An extremely simple song, started on a flight from SFO to SeaTac, and finished in about 15 minutes this afternoon.

Look at me! I'm a musician! Howdy howdy howdy!

Here's a link to the output file. It's still quite rough, and shows a profound lack of musical taste or ability, but still...

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