Trying a full switch to Blosxom

Just threw the switch, and now this weblog is managed by Blosxom 2.0. I tweaked the HTML so it should be almost valid XHTML/CSS (mimicking the MT templates I was using before) - except for one minor bug where anchors include spaces, making this page technically invalid XHTML Transitional. Not a big deal for now.

There may be some minor hiccoughs, like completely different URLs for post pages (but nobody bookmarked those, probably...). Both the .rss and .rdf feeds are present (althrough the .rdf feed is just a copy of the .rss feed for now - most readers should display OK, and I'm looking into a "real" .rdf feed (they're implemented as "flavours" in Blosxom).

I've always liked the simplicity of Blosxom - it's just displaying files and folders, which I can manipulate at will without worrying about breaking it. Backups? Just tar the directory. Easy peasy.

One of the cooler things that Blosxom brings to the table, since it's just using a file hierarchy, is the ability to have nested categories, not just a flat list. And it can generate pages and feeds for any point of the hierarchy. Very cool, and flexible, and simple.

If it's acting up for anyone, please let me know.

UPDATE: Just realized, since I'm using a script alias to trick you into thinking that /weblogs/dnorman is a real file, and not a cgi, the images I'd uploaded into /weblogs/dnorman/images/ are no longer valid URLs. I'll need to fix that... Perhaps I'll move them into my ~/dnorman directory and just use a BBEdit search-the-whole-freaking-directory search and replace to get the URLs fixed... Not a huge priority, but it would be nice to grandfather existing content into the new system... ;-)

UPDATE 2: BBEdit has let me update all image links in all entries throughout the entire blog. In under 5 minutes. I love BBEdit.

I've also added a redirect so that folks looking for the old /weblogs/dnorman/index_rss2.rdf file will be handed off to /weblogs/dnorman/index.rss - assuming your agent honours redirects... I just tested NetNewsWire, and it does (as do Safari and PulpFiction - not sure about other agents, but that's good enough for me ;-).

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