My Macromedia Studio 2004 Suite Just Died

Doh. I've been trying to get this working all day, to no avail. My installation of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 (with Flash MX 2004 Pro), has suddenly decided it doesn't want to launch.

I needed both Dreamweaver and Flash today, and neither one wanted to show up to the party. Fell back on BBEdit to edit the HTML (actually, that was probably more efficient anyway, so no biggie), but I have to go through some Flash files to evaluate some requirements for a project. And that's hard to do when Flash doesn't want to run.

I click on the app, and get the bouncy dock icon. It bounces for up to 3 minutes (thought I was stuck in VM thrash hell, but apparently not), and then I get a dialog box saying the application has crashed, and asks if I'd like to tell Apple about it. No, Actually, I'd like to tell Macromedia, but I'm not given that option ;-)

I've tried deleting the whole shebang (the apps, the /Library/Application/ SupportMacromedia folder, the /Library/Application Support/Macrovision folder (that's supposed to be managing the registration, so I was hoping that would trick it into working), and then reinstalling from scratch. No joy.

I've sent word to Macromedia, but haven't heard back from a non-automated respoder. Doh.

UPDATE: I deleted all of the Macromedia and Macrovision stuff again. Rebooted my machine. And reinstalled. Again. It worked this time. Why on earth would I have to reboot to get Dreamweaver working is beyond me, but it's running now. More importantly, Flash is running too, so I can get to the Pachyderm template analysis...

UPDATE 2: Wow. A tech support guy from Macromedia just called me. An actual person, on an actual phone. I'd already resolved the issue, but that's a nice touch - especially when most tech support is just a search form on a database somewhere. Great! Thanks, Macromedia!

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