Getting ready for NMC 2004 Road Trip

The Norman family is just about ready for the big trek across the Rockies. We're heading to Vancouver for NMC 2004 Summer Conference, then across to the Island for a few days before returning home.

As a result, things are likely going to get quiet(er) around here. I'll likely be blogging something from the NMC 2004 conference, but aside from that, I hope to be completely offline for the week following the conference.

My major deliverable before the conference was a sorta-functioning XStreamDB EOAdaptor, so WebObjects apps can talk to XStreamDB without jumping through a bunch of hard-coded hoops. That's working pretty darned well, so there are only a couple of minor things I need to take care of before the conference. I'm planning on some productive time in the car during the trip through the mountains, if Evan behaves...

It should be rather quiet around the Learning Commons, as Mike and King are also making the trip to NMC 2004 - for Pachyderm and APOLLO stuff.

I'll try to check in a bit in the next week, but after that, I'm tuning out for a week.

UPDATE: We're being total tourists. Stopped at Hell's Gate, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium, followed by an amazing beach barbeque provided by Brian and Keira on Spanish Banks (thanks Brian and Keira!)

We've taken 160 pictures since Monday morning. I'll hopefully dump around 80% of them, but there are some real gems in there...

I'm in the NMC 2004 conference until Saturday afternoon, then it's off to Victoria for a couple of days, then the long drive home...

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