Tiger iChatAV Conferencing - Document Sharing?

Eric Meyer (and a few others in his comments area) has suggested that the table top in the Tiger iChatAV app might be useful for more than just pretty reflections. What if it also served as a place to share documents? Either as icons (which, when clicked, would open said document), or as thumbnail icons that enlarge when selected.

I would absolutely LOVE this feature. Ideally, it would support sharing of static documents (PDF, images), "live" collaborative documents (SubEthaEdit workspaces), and, perhaps even group web browsing (select a web page document, and follow along with whoever is leading that document browse session...).

This stuff, combined with audio/video/text conferencing, could become insanely useful and powerful!

Here's my crude attempt at a mockup, taking Eric Meyer's addition of a textured tabletop to the Apple Tiger iChatAV press image:

iChatAV Document Sharing

Perhaps (hopefully?) someone will come up with something a bit more elegant, but the idea should work... My Shared Documents will show up as icons/thumbnails beneath my video image. Selecting the icon will open the document (either downloading a copy, or connecting to a shared live document, or joining a shared browsing session).

Perhaps something like a drawer of shared documents would be more effective, without filling the video area with icons that might not be so useful? Hmm... Actually I think I might prefer that idea...

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