New iPod Store in Market Mall!

I went to Market Mall tonight to kill some time with Evan - they have an excellent play area, and Jugo Juice nearby...

We came in through the Toys R Us entrance to avoid construction, and as we were walking through the mall, I noticed a kiosk with a G4 iMac as a POS terminal. Took a closer look, and the kiosk was a new "iPod Store" - provided by local Mac dealer My Mac Dealer. They had EVERYTHING there - iPods (20GB 3G for $100 less than I paid 3 months ago...), several iPod Mini in stock (or at least the boxes), and all kinds of accessories. It was pretty cool to see this stuff kept in stock (as opposed to the traditional gamble-if-it's-in-or-place-a-6-week-order-and-wait process.

As we walked by, about half a dozen groups were fawning over the iPods and accessories. I even wound up talking with a nice family about the differences between the iPod and Mini, since the staff were swamped already. Man, we need an Apple Store in Calgary!

UPDATE: It's still there, just moved into the fancy new section of the mall. They really should have put up a sign saying they moved... My first thought was "oh, crap - it's closed down!" It looks like they're doing quite well in the new location (at the far end of the new section - keep walking around, you'll find it).

Update 2: Nope. It's gone. Disappeared before Christmas 2004. No idea why. Such a shame.


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