FSU Signs Deal With Apple

Wow. Now I just need to transfer down to Florida State University, and I can get myself a free copy of iTunes, along with the option to buy songs from the iTunes Music Store for just $0.99 per track!

What an amazing stroke of contractual genius on the part of FSU, making these otherwise unavailable tools available for their students. Oh. Wait a minute... Looks like Apple must have signed similar deals with The Rest Of The World, because I just found both iTunes (whoah - even with a download link) and the iTMS available for the rest of us as well! Looks like I won't have to sell the house and pack up the family to move to Florida after all...

And yes, for the sarcastically impaired - I've been using iTunes since before it was iTunes (bought SoundJam long before Apple bought them...), and I'm just waiting for the iTMS to come into Canada so I can get a second mortgage on my house to pay for my music fixes...


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