Shrook 2 - RSS and Atom for Mac OS X

This must be the Big Month Of Changes for me... After switching my weblog from Blosxom to Wordpress, I'm also switching RSS readers from NetNewsWire to Shrook 2. I really like the implementation of smart folders in Shrook, and the way it handles column-display of RSS items is pretty sweet.

It's also got subscription syncing between multiple computers (subscriptions and read items) so that may come in very handy!

Anyway, I'll probably post another week-in-the-life-of entries in a week or so.

UPDATE: The synchronization feature uses - meaning that you also get a free web interface to your subscriptions. Looks pretty well done, too, but it's not completely syncing the "read" state of all of my subscriptions. As an aside, Shrook is a bit more efficient than NNW at reading lots of feeds, so I've been able to add several new subscriptions without feeling swamped. Nowhere near Scoble's confessed 1400 feeds, but I've crossed over 200 feeds (217 now, and counting)

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