EOModeler SVN Patch

During our latest Pachyderm development sessions, that pesky EOModeler-deletes-the-.svn-directory issue reared it's ugly head. I was using the workaround (rename the "good" eomodel file, checkout a new one, move the .svn from the new copy to the "good" copy, nuke the new one, rename the "good" one back to the proper filename), and I accidentally deleted the "good" model file - blowing away a couple hours of carefully saved work. Doh.

King to the rescue! He just whipped up the EOModeler SVN Patch Application Enhancer to prevent the nuking of the .svn directory within the .eomodeld directory.

If you use WebObjects and Subversion, grab a copy of this patch! It will save you time, grief, and grey hair.

UPDATE: King just sent me a URL to another project that does the same fix-EOModeler thing... This one was created waaaay back in February 2003. Doh.

UPDATE 2: Another way may have been to use the rmm utility that moves things to the Trash instead of nuking them instantly... I've installed rmm, and will try to be using it instead of a forced recursive sudo root rm command. Sure, it's like having training wheels, but also like having a safety net ;-)

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