Gourmet Cookies to support Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

OK - this is a blatant plug, but we'll be losing money on the deal, so no worries about conflict of interest ;-)

My wife has been running a cookie dough home business - she prepares 2 types of cookie dough each month, and delivers them in frozen, vacuum-sealed packages.

For the month of October, she is teaming up with a friend to donate $4.00 per dozen cookies sold to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation via the Kitchen-Aid Cook For the Cure program. The cookies are sold for $4.50/dozen. You do the math.

These are some of the best cookies ever made, and the best part is, you bake them yourself so they are oven fresh when you want them.

Pink LadyWitch's BrewWhite Chocolate Pumpkin

If you work at the University of Calgary (or can pick up cookies from the U of C, or live in Tuscany), please head over to the Take & Bake: Gourmet Cookies To Go website and order your cookies today!

(the location restrictions are to minimize delivery logistics - I work at the U of C, and we live in Tuscany...)

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