Feed2JS available for University of Calgary users

After a meeting we had on Tuesday, where I demoed Alan's Ocotillo "control panel", I decided I needed to reinstall feed2js on our server so we could do something similar for a project.

Last time I installed it, I made it freely available for anyone, and it wound up running news feeds for a German dating service, and a gun club, and several other questionable (and definitely non-academic, and certainly non-UofC) uses. These users were hammering our server, using resources that are needed for "official" purposes.

This time, I've restricted access to the script itself to machines on the U of C domain. Pages generated using the feed will be visible anywhere, but only UofCians can use the script directly.

If you're on the U of C network, head on over to Feed2JS JavaScript RSS Feed Generator and help yourself. If you're not on the U of C network, please download a copy for yourself.


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