Apple Service Rocks!

Late last week, I went to the Apple Support website to send a question about a repair for my iPod remote (the cord that goes from the remote to the iPod was pulling out of its plug, and I wanted to fix it). I was expecting them to reply with something like "We have a repair program, and for $X for the part and $Y for shipping, we can fix it for you.". Instead, I came into the office today and found an unexpected package from Apple - it was a replacement part, free of charge.

Absolutely amazing. I've been recommending Apple stuff to many people lately, and this kind of service makes it even easier to do so (in the last month, I've helped people get 2 iPods, a Powerbook, and an iBook, and I've lost count of how many Switchers and upgraders I've helped before that).

Yay, Apple Support!


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