Brief insight into the mind of a Comment Spammer

Another comment spammer just attempted to crap on my blog. WordPress and the plugins I use stopped him/her cold, and their subnet is now banned (I know that's heavy handed, but screw 'em).

I checked the stats from Site Meter, and it looks like this clown found my blog by searching Google for the term "wiki" - and slogged through 29 pages of results to get to me. 29 pages of results. Do these people really value their time so poorly? I know they don't value mine, but I simply can't imagine slogging through 29 pages of search results in the hopes of finding a blog or wiki to crap on. Knowing full well that the crap will be removed within minutes, if it's even allowed through in the first place.

This says something to me about the economics of this whole thing. To someone, it's actually worth it to waste hours (and over 30 minutes on my blog alone) trying to game Google's PageRank system in the hopes of their offshore casino bubbling up a couple of spots in a Google search result page. Although, I guess for someone who's willing to go through 29 freaking pages of results, that may be a worthwhile venture, if it gets their spam sites up to the first page or two for whatever keyword interest them.

It also p*sses me off to no end that I'm actually off work, sick, today, and I still have to expend time and energy dealing with these f*cking wastes of oxygen who insist on attempting to defile anything they come near - even when they have to actively search for stuff to defile. Yeesh.

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