Blended Learning Strategic Advisory Council?

We were talking today about how to be more strategic with our various inter-related projects (and specifically with the communication of status and plans), and the idea of some form of blended learning strategic advisory council was raised. The theory would be to have representatives from various organizations (University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Alberta Learning, BCCampus, and any other relevant organizations) working together to share strategic planning for projects related to blended learning.

The goal for us is to move our efforts into a more transparent setup, so communication with partners and interested organizations would become easier and more effective.

This would provide a clearinghouse for information related to the various projects (APOLLO, Pachyderm, BCCampus, SciQ, Mavericks, etc...) so balls don't get dropped, and everyone is on the same page.

We'll be putting together a proposal over the next few weeks, and I'll post updates as they happen.

Anyone have any thoughts on this idea?

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