On Meetings

I've always tried - not always successfully - to limit the amount of time I spend in meetings. Time spent in meetings is largely time spent not being productive (with a few notable exceptions). Well, there have been some changes here in the Learning Commons, with the net result for me being - wait for it - more meetings. That would be fine, but I still have the same deadlines and non-meeting workload. It's going to be interesting over the next couple of weeks to find the balance.

The most "fun" is when these freshly appointed meetings result in a sudden awareness of previously undefined deadlines and commitments. Even more fun when they're only a matter of weeks in the future... I'll be doing some scrambling over the next couple of months, but it's going to be fun! :-)

On the upside, Norm Vaughan just started here in the Learning Commons. I bumped into him in a hallway farewell party for another staffer, and he mentioned that he reads my blog (Hi, Norm!). Woah. I still can't get used to having people actually read this thing... He also mentioned that he knew of me from a previous life here on campus. I'd almost forgotten about those days - they seem so long ago. Are decades longer this century?

And, apparently I need to start a category for rants and/or rambling... Oh, well...

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