O'reilly Safari Subscription at U of C!

I just went to sign into my safari.oreilly.com account, and it was doing something odd... It somehow identified me as "University of Calgary", and was offering the entire catalog for me to read! Wow. What an awesome thing! I assume our library bought a campus-wide license (and the safari website must be detecting my IP domain), or, perhaps this is available for all campuses now?

Regardless, very cool! 1165 technology books available at my desktop. Freaking amazing! Thanks to whoever did this!

UPDATE: Looks like it's part of the University's subscription to ProQuest - the same subscription that gets us the online journals and newspapers.

UPDATE: IP detection is preventing access from home... Must remember to load up with content while in the office... /sw/bin/wget -r anyone? :-) note - any automated site-sucking technique is almost definitely a violation of the Terms of Service, and would likely result in sanctions of some sort. Please don't be foolish enough to actually try this...

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