Finding and old friend in the Blogosphere

I just found an old friend in the Blogosphere. I worked with davidicus in a previous life, at a dot-com eLearning/LMS/content company that shall remain nameless. He's now moved to LA, and is working for a Big Game Software Company. Coolness abounds.

Oh, and he's been blogging for almost a year, and I only found it just now!

He's a very interesting guy. Fun, challenging, intelligent and rare. The first time I went to San Francisco was with him, on a pilgrimage to the Mother Ship to peddle our wares. What a cool trip that was, staying at Grant Plaza (on the edge of Chinatown - it was a bit, well, dumpier when we were there. it's been pretty radically renovated recently).

Anyway. I'm constantly amazed at what I'm finding online. Here's hoping I manage to stay in touch with davidicus now (heck - there's a hidden RSS feed, which will make it automatic!)

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