Always install Developer Tools on MacOSX Server

Quick note to self: When installing MacOSX Server, always always follow up by installing the Developer Tools. Things like make and other goodies come with the Developer Tools, and will make life simpler. For bonus points, install Fink as well, so you can easily install all kinds of funky utilities and apps over an SSH connection.

Alan's almost got his server up. It's basically running now, on an external firewire drive. He just needs to finish tweaking that installation, and move it onto the internal drive module.

He did just tell me about a handy trick that I didn't know about. In Server Admin, each service can export its configuration settings, so you can then just drag the config into place on a new server. Holy crap. That's easy and powerful. Will save a LOT of time setting up a new box. That, folks, is why MacOSX rocks. Things like this that Just Work™ and make life simpler. I just wish I'd have known about that earlier (I guess it would have helped if I ever RTFM).


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