Censorship in the Calgary Herald?

I was just reading the newspaper while eating lunch. I never read the newspaper. Perhaps this is why...

On page 8 of the first section, was an article titled "US warns allies over arms sales to China" (several articles in today's paper start with X Warns Y over Z). Normally not a big thing. Didn't even plan on reading the article. But, a huge photo above the article piqued my interest. It had been obviously manipulated to remove information that was part of the context of the photograph. It is a photo of some protesters, who are showing signs/placards/banners denouncing Condi's visit to Seoul.

But, the biggest banner, front and centre in the photo, had a fake white box edited into it. Directly over top of the URL of the protestor's organization. How is that not part of the message? It's ok to post the photo of the banner, as long as the readers of the paper can't find the information to fill in the backstory?

Alltogether.org censored image
(click for full photo)

The URL they blocked out is http://alltogether.or.kr - I can't read Korean, so I can't verify the content. The content doesn't matter.

This is exactly why I prefer to get my news from multiple sources.

I do realize that the photo was likely not touched up by the Herald, but somewhere between the photographer and the Associated Press food chain. The end result is the same - my local newspaper is censored.

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