My SubEthaEdit Wishlist

I've been using SubEthaEdit as my primary text editor for a while now, and have come up with a list of things that would be nice to have in SEE.

  • multi-file searching. I just had to revert back to BBEdit to do this so I could modify a whole bunch of XML files. It would be cool if I could perform searches across entire directories (with the option of running recursively...)
  • Highlight the current line a bit better. JEdit does this quite nicely, and it makes it very easy to track what I'm doing if I have say 4 open documents. Just have a subtle border, or slightly different background colour on the line containing the text insertion cursor.
  • Reformat text. This would indent XML, stylize java, etc... Bonus points for having per-language options like inserting stub javadoc comments into java code, and fixing/flagging invalid XML/HTML

That's really about it. I had some minor difficulties doing a funky regex-based search, but that speaks more to my (lack of) experience with regex, rather than SEE's ability to handle proper regex...

UPDATE: As was pointed out in the comments for another SEE-related post, there is a service called "Tidy Service that provides HTML/XHTML reformatting for any Cocoa app. It works perfectly! (especially when you add the optional config file to tweak the layout of reformatted pages - documented here)

Now... what can reformat java source...

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