Audio from Faculty Tech Days Session on Weblogs & Wikis

Thanks to Paul Pival for sneaking in a recording device, and providing the .mp3 file containing the recorded audio from the Faculty Technology Days 2005 session on "Academic Publishing with Weblogs & Wikis", the audio portion of the session is now available (download a copy here, or if you're using a podcasting-capable RSS aggregator, the file is already on it's way).

The levels are a bit low, because we weren't miked at all. I wasn't planning on recording this, and we didn't prepare anything ahead of time. But, if you crank up the volume, you can hear me well enough (for better or worse), and can hear most of the questions.

If given the chance, I'd plan the session much differently - likely as a series of workshops, each focussing on a particular concept or tool, rather than trying to touch on a few all at once (which I think was inappropriate for this session. doh.)

I'm planning/hoping to run some workshops through the Learning Commons in the fall on some of these "new" technologies to support teaching and learning...

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